Dog Adoption: Prepare Your Home

new dog

It is very exciting to adopt a dog and welcome him or her in your home. A new dog is very fun but it is a big responsibility too. You need your home to be ready for an adoption dog before he or she arrives.

We will offer a few tips on how to prepare your home for your adopted dog and begin a successful relationship with your new pet right away:


You should determine what area of your home will be the primary sleeping area and living space for your dog. If you plan on crate training, the crate should be placed in this area too.

It might require a few days for your dog to acclimate itself to his or her new home and it might be nervous too. This could lead to accidents so we recommend creating a comfortable space in the kitchen or in a laundry room or entry room with tile floors.


You need to put cleaning chemicals and other toxic items out of the reach of your dog. There are several common cleaning products and household items that can poison a dog and you want to be sure those products are all higher than ground level.

You should also secure cords to the floor or a nearby wall and try to rearrange breakables such as lamps or vases to where they’re safe for at least the first few days after the dog arrives at your home.

If there are areas in your home you do not want the dog to enter, you should consider placing pet gates or baby gates in front of stairways or entryways to contain the dog where you want him or her to be.


Create an ID tag for the dog immediately and bring it with you to the shelter when you arrive to bring your dog home. Place the tag on the collar right away and include your phone number on it too. This ensures the dog will not be lost should he or she run away after arriving at your home.


Create a training plan before the dog arrives. You and your family should agree on commands and vocabulary to use for the dog so that the training is consistent and no confusion occurs. This will help the dog learn much faster and put his or her mind at ease much sooner in their new home.

There are several necessary considerations before your dog arrives at your home. You want the dog to feel safe and secure the moment he or she steps in the door and you want to set yourself up for success in training the dog and acclimating him or her to new surroundings and new people too!

For the first few days, we recommend leaving the dog in your home or in your neighborhood and not introducing him or her to additional strangers in the process of the dog learning to love you and acknowledge you as family.