Dog Adoption: Types of Collars

dog collar

To prepare your home for an adopted dog, you will need to purchase several products for the dog. We recommend a bowl, a leash, a crate for crate training and of course, food and treats. You also need to purchase a dog collar.

We do not recommend pinch collars or choke collars for training dogs. Chain, choke and pinch collars are reserved solely for training purposes but often can cause injury to the dog. We prefer positive reinforcement for training your dog.

There are three types of dog collars we recommend:


The most common type of dog collar is a standard buckle or snap-closure collar. This is for daily wear and features a loop for an ID tag and to connect a leash to. This type of dog collar is often made of fabric or leather. We recommend leather as it will not cause hair loss around the neck.


A smart collar is the newest type of dog collar. These collars offer built-in Wi-Fi and GPS and sync with a smartphone app. This means if your dog runs away you will have a way to track his or her location from your mobile device. Smart collars also include health trackers to monitor heartrate and changes in behavior from your dog. We recommend a smart collar if you have the budget to afford one.


Some dog trainers prefer harnesses while others do not because they do not feel it reinforces enough tension. A harness is nice for a dog that pulls. The harness prevents all of the tension around the dog’s neck and transfers it to the shoulders instead.

There are several other forms of dog collars, including show collars and head collars. A head collar is similar to muzzle. There are many more we could discuss but we feel the most common are the three above.

You can purchase a standard dog collar, smart collar or harness at the local pet store, Target, Petsmart or online.

Be sure you have chosen the right collar for your dog before he or she arrives at your home and place it on them before leaving the animal shelter.